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This Photographer Takes Beautiful Portraits Of People With Acne

Blackheads, whiteheads, ones with no heads, zits, acne, hormonal cysts, spots that burrow under your skin, spots that nestle gently upon it, whatever you wanna call it, those fuckers are a pain in the ass. It’s not even the spots themselves, it’s the bouts of self-hatred, self-consciousness and pure unadulterated anxiety that comes with them. What’s weird though is that no one seems to be questioning it. Well, that is until recently.

Introducing #AcneIsNormal, an online campaign dedicated to stamping out the stigma surrounding spots. Yup, that’s right, at last pimples have been included in growing body positivity movement, and the Biebs is certainly not the first to get on board. Just look at beauty blogger Kadeeja Khan, whose unretouched self-portraits have won her legions of fans. Also flying the flag for skin positivity is 20-year-old photographer Peter DeVito.

Sick and tired of the photoshopped perfection that has long permeated just about everything, Peter has taken it upon himself to turn fashion photography on its head. Instead of blurring out blemishes, for the last year or so Peter has been bolstering them in his close up, unretouched portraits of people with acne, accompanied by empowering slogans like “acne is normal” and “love yourself” sprawled across each subject’s face.

More info: Instagram h/t: vice

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