Soviet Hooligans: Goths, Punks And Metalheads Of The USSR

Moscow, 1988

Rapid development of youth subculture 1970s and 1980s generated lots of different trends which still exist in one form or another. The Soviet Union was not the exception; goths, punks, rockers and metalheads of the late USSR are remembered by their radical self-expression and the extravagant style.

Here, we have found some cool old photos of this saucy youth from the USSR in the period of 1980s.

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Moscow, 1987. Photo by Asa Kari Frank

Volgograd, 1988

Moscow, 1989. Photo by Petra Gall

Moscow, 1986. Photo by Sergey Borisov

Moscow, 1986

Leningrad, 1987. Photo by Yaroslav Mayev

A note in The Face Magazine, 1988

A note about Moscow rockers in an Italian magazine, 1990

Punk girl. 1988. Photo by Yaroslav Mayev

Shooting for the German magazine Blickpunkt. Moscow, 1987. Photo by Petra Gall


Article about Moscow rockers in a German magazine. 1988

Cover of the Blickpunkt, 1988

Leningrad, 1986. Photo by Natalia Vasilyeva

Moscow, 1988. Photo by Yaroslav Mayev

Moscow, 1987

Moscow, 1987

Moscow, 1987

Moscow, 1988. Photo by Petra Gall

Moscow, 1989. Photo by Sergey Borisov

Moscow, 1988. Photo by Petra Gall

Moscow, 1989

Moscow, 1988. Photo by Yaroslav Mayev

Moscow, 1985

Moscow region, 1985



Moscow, 1987


The SHAH band, 1987

Omsk, 1989

Moscow, 1987

Moscow, 1988/1989



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