Japanese Cosplayer’s ‘BoobPack’ Becomes A Viral Trend On Twitter

A female Japanese cosplayer is hoping to start an unusual fashion trend that requires a little more than just a significant amount of confidence to pull off.

Created by Yui Okada, the new fashion accessory is based on the handy backpack. However, instead of being hung just atop the shoulders, the bag is designed to be worn with the straps latched around the breasts. Okada, who describes herself as a maker of “adult-oriented cosplay-style DVDs” shared images of her odd-looking, yet intriguing creations on Twitter.

Okada has chosen to not to show her face in her tweets as she is reportedly quite aware that she needs only two things to draw fans to her creation: 1. the product itself and 2. her curvaceous physique.

More: Twitter h/t: nextshark

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