An Artist Duo Creates Miniature Post-Apopcalyptic Sculptures

According to an artists: “We (Scapa and Joe) teamed up to make pop art of how the future could look due to climate change. We use as many recycled materials as possible, along with 3D designing and printing.”

New York, New York

Sea levels flooded NY. A survivor sails over a NY taxi, while a manta ray flies by a ‘Don’t Walk’ sign which lights up. The survivor has to wear a gas mask because of all the pollution we humans made.

More: Scapa and Joe, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Big Ben Freeze

Shrinking ice caps led a small iceberg to float down to London, along with some polar bears. A beluga whale swims past a submerged London bus. The sea is cast resin, and the sculpture sits in a glass dome.

Blackpool’s Donkeys

The beach donkeys live on the roof of Blackpool tower. Happily, they survived the flood. We try to increase environmental awareness and make sure the animals are all safe and well.

Angel of the North

The sheep are all munching grass, and a whale pops its head up to have a nosey. We 3D printed the angel, painted her, and she stands on a rock we found on a beach. Then we cast it in resin, along with a whale from a charity shop.

Viva Las Vegas

This survivor rescued a tiger from a zoo.

Paris Monkeys

The monkeys escaped a laboratory and now have their own ecosystem living on the Eiffel tower.

Farewell Lady liberty

The Statue of liberty has to take a swim as a wave is about to wash over her.

Darth goes snorkeling

We like to add a bit of humor, so we decided that Darth could take a day off and thought he’d enjoy a bit of snorkeling. Scapa has been scuba diving for 20 years, so that’s why we include lots of sea.

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