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This Beautiful Home Decor Made From The Golden Gate Bridge

Thanks to some great visionaries and the craftsmanship at Bushey Ironworks and Roundwood Furniture including Aaron and Jesse Bushey and Andy Cline, the historical suspension cables that held up the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California are being made into home décor items. In 2016, Tom Piatkowski purchased the discarded suspension cables from the 1976 renovation of the Golden Gate Bridge and started a small business selling mementos made from them.

He had spoken to his friends, Bob and Mary Zimmerman, successful biopharmaceutical drug developers, who jumped at the chance to join Tom’s venture and they were the drivers which took this idea beyond the souvenirs market. When Tom passed away a few months later, the Zimmermans decided to go all out to keep their friend’s dream alive and take this idea to the next level that we see today.

More: Strands of History, Instagram h/t: thevintagenews

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