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Transient Beauty: David Popa’s Ephemeral and Site-Specific Earth Murals


David Popa is an American artist who transforms natural landscapes into stunning, immense murals that appear to animate the environment.

Unlike many artists who limit their expression to a canvas, Popa works with the earth as his material. He blends natural colors with water from the local area to craft elaborate artworks that fit the location, and then records them from above with a drone. His art is impermanent and short-lived, evolving with the climate and time, which gives his work a touch of transient beauty.

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David Popa Art 14727663 401812500206497 5385424071859109888 N
David Popa Art 51734365 117507306022037 8973242987830869859 N
David Popa Art 51836881 148358239443726 796774557972747592 N
David Popa Art 61064292 381544199132166 4873265249695647867 N
David Popa Art 72724327 204873523870353 4332756584198829899 N
David Popa Art 118595787 1652419411629574 7682089369513470210 N
David Popa Art 133399371 845214029372798 6691716095958325259 N
David Popa Art 195143739 1985584204932888 995834935294183649 N
David Popa Art 257867067 2030064723812575 6358411185491378149 N
David Popa Art 278791151 129816376303066 291990396416542170 N
David Popa Art 278926805 2267517703395908 2564974760955745522 N
David Popa Art 278957552 1135804657215365 3412361094957858392 N
David Popa Art 290817744 412139324293959 5219936111988987226 N
David Popa Art 290884707 172366505250347 4994908035979786965 N
David Popa Art 290997074 431651452154194 7043271927335311128 N
David Popa Art 312840335 851955112471863 8266255133312586514 N
David Popa Art 333508526 1620879198348038 2862159643808733541 N
David Popa Art 333623865 222521316949353 4769291297507524962 N
David Popa Art 333972840 477363714470900 4356899825519137779 N
David Popa Art 336993282 242541401451018 6670824311278282601 N
David Popa Art 347857369 201489269491545 683178073487791390 N
David Popa Art 348219635 787645722695750 5515561543040656035 N
David Popa Art 348474160 736573581489047 1292153854146439309 N
David Popa Art 366269622 18365151124068285 390815541558437184 N
David Popa Art 366690581 18365151154068285 7282721394075636376 N
David Popa Art 366838096 18365151136068285 5799968218547490107 N (1)

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