Stunning Shots Feature Brilliant Yellows, Reds, Blues & Purples As An Array Of Sunlight Hits The Water At The Perfect Time – Design You Trust

Stunning Shots Feature Brilliant Yellows, Reds, Blues & Purples As An Array Of Sunlight Hits The Water At The Perfect Time

These kaleidoscopic images are the work of one persistent photographer’s efforts to capture vibrant hues at the exact moment a wave breaks. Ryan Pernofski‘s stunning shots feature brilliant yellows, reds, blues and purples as an array of sunlight hits the water at the perfect time.

What’s even more impressive: Ryan, a 27-year-old Australian, began shooting his popular masterpieces without using a professional camera, taking his iPhone out into the water instead. Ryan began experimenting with this method in 2012, using an underwater housing to protect his phone, as he could not afford a professional camera.

Ryan said: “I am looking for something different other than standard wave shots, so I really push myself to do what it takes to get a cool shot. Whether that means getting up way before the sun, like I do most days, going out somewhere that I’m not comfortable or just trying to get different angles or styles of photos, I am trying to display the crazy beauty of the ocean, and usually moments that literally last less than a split second.”

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