“Dancing with Costica” by Photographer Jane Long

The “Dancing With Costica” series began when photographer Jane Long decided to brush up on her retouching skills. After finding the Costica Acsinte Archive on Flickr, she became fascinated with the images and their subjects, wanting to bring them to life and give them a story. Costica Acsinte was a Romanian war photographer who, after discharge, opened a studio in Slobozia, Romania. Around 5,000 of his glass plates were purchased by the Ialomita County Museum and in 2013, Cezar Popescu started to digitize them. (Photo by Costica Acsinte Archive/Jane Long)

The Costica photo on the left inspired Australia-based photographer Jane Long to create her version, titled “Innocence”. (Photo by Costica Acsinte Archive/Jane Long)

Long used this Costica photo of a boy with a gun to recreate her version, titled “Gun Shy”. (Photo by Costica Acsinte Archive/Jane Long)

The original image of this young couple is placed in a field in Long’s version titled, “Fresh”. (Photo by Costica Acsinte Archive/Jane Long)

Long calls this piece “Corvo”. (Photo by Costica Acsinte Archive/Jane Long)

Long titled this photo “Beacon” after transporting the young woman from the original studio photo to a pier with the use of Photoshop. (Photo by Costica Acsinte Archive/Jane Long)

This photo is called “All hands on deck”. (Photo by Costica Acsinte Archive/Jane Long)

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