Winning Photos Of The UK Dog Photographer Of The Year 2018

First place, Puppies. Klaus Dyba from Germany took this photograph of Ceylin, a three-month-old Italian greyhound. (Photo by Klaus Dyba/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

First place, Dogs at Work. A group shot of spaniels and retrievers after a hard day’s work, by Tracy Kidd from the UK. (Photo by Tracy Kidd/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

Second place, Dogs at Work. Tarly, an English springer spaniel, in Ashdown Forest in the UK. (Photo by Richard Lane/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

Third place, Dogs at Play. Sarah Beeston took this photo of Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers Daffy, Taz, and Wile E playing with a frisbee in Indiana, US. (Photo by Sarah Beeson/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

Judges’ mention, Dogs at Work. Thoven the golden retriever, by Leslie Plesser in the US. (Photo by Leslie Plesser/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018/Shuttersmack LLC)

Judges’ mention, Portrait. Jonathan Yearsley took this image of Tatti, an English cocker spaniel. (Photo by Jonathan Yearsley/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

Second place, Oldies. Rescue dog Nilo, by Rachele Z. Cecchini from Austria. (Photo by Rachele Z. Cecchini/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

Judges’ mention, Dogs at Play. Ted, a miniature poodle, slams on the brakes on the beach at Whitley Bay, UK. (Photo by Darren William Hall/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

First place, Portrait. Three flat-coated retrievers – Crew, Darcie and Pagan – by Carol Durrant from the UK. (Photo by Carol Durrant/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

First place, Rescue. Sonya Kolb from New Jersey in the US took this portrait of Cooper, a Labrador retriever mix, with his new owners. (Photo by Sonya Kolb/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

Second place, Puppies. Beagle mix puppies taken by Charlie Nunn in the US. (Photo by Charlie Nunn/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

First place, Man’s Best Friend. An image of Godji, taken by Joana Matos from Portugal. (Photo by Joana Matos/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

Judges’ mention, Portrait. Yorkshire terrier Amy by Viktoria Baranova from Estonia. (Photo by Viktoria Baranova/Dog Photographer of the Year 2018)

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