Lithuanian Photographer Took A Pictures Of The Most Colorful Old Garage Doors In Her Country


According to Agne Gintalaite, a Lithuania-based artist: “There I stood on Prusu Street with 500 garage doors staring at me, a relic from the past inviting me to engage with a world in which there was no IKEA, no conspicuous consumption, and cars broke down. I accepted their challenge.This is how this series of photographs of garage doors was born.”


“By documenting these objects that are, most likely, about to disappear from Lithuanian society, I wished to communicate to the viewer the ambivalent, aesthetic, but also human significance of these garage doors.”


“Beautifully painted, these doors do not need be explained to the beholder. It is the fascinating play of colour and texture that I attempted to capture with my camera.”

Via Bored Panda

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