“Beauty Comes In All Sizes!”: Photoshop Artist Jay Tee Changes The Obtuse Point Of View About Beauty Today One Pound At A Time

Women of every size should feel beautiful. Some women can’t lose weight because of a health problem or medications. You should not feel like you can never be beautiful. The same thing can happen to people who are too thin as well. Just remember: Beauty comes in all sizes! South American artist Jay Tee confirms these words with his stunning photo morph works.

“Beautiful American singer, actress, and producer Selena Gomez represents beauty in a state of primary expansion; the purity made persona. Someone was thinking about testing that 130 lbs beauty through the exposure of her delicacy to my Morph Machine.

Walkin’ through the hall, preceded by loud stumps, Selena goes. Her hips are swaying at every move she makes, while she tries to get to the limo and avoid paparazzis. She finally makes it, panting while she accomodates her newly adquired 630 lbs of weight and her vaporous dress on the back part of her fancy ride. Off she goes… BEAUTY TEST: completed! She’s not a inch less beautiful after the conversion. The technique is photoshop morph. Beauty comes in all sizes!”

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