Saddened By The Empty Streets Of Budapest During Lockdown, This Artist Filled The City With People From Classical Paintings

Pál Szinyei Merse: Lady In Violet

According to Márton Neményi: “Most big cities are affected by the pandemic with several versions of lockdowns and quarantines in place. Budapest is no exception: right now there’s a curfew between 8 pm and 5 am every day. The inner parts of the capital of Hungary had started getting busy this time and now it’s getting empty in a matter of minutes every evening.

I’m a Budapest-based photographer and saddened by the emptiness of my beloved, and with no one around to shoot, I simply cut people from the classical paintings from the medieval, renaissance, and classical era and filled the streets with their help. Using the databases of the city’s Museums (for example The Museum Of Fine Arts) and Photoshop skills, I inserted the men and women of these long-gone historical periods.

These lesser-known, but still wonderful paintings include one from Goya, a famous Dutch family of winemakers, and even Jesus Christ from an almost forgotten medieval piece.”

More: Márton Neményi, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Pierre Mignard: Clio

Jacob Jordaens: Adam And Eve

Aelbert Cuyp: The Sam Family

Pedro Sánches: The Entombment

Nicolas Colombel: Hagar In The Desert

Arnold Böcklin: Spring Evening

Goya: The Water Carrier

Luca Giordano: The Flight Into Egypt

Lucas Cranach: The Ill-Matched Couple

Fra Diamante: Virgin Mary On The Throne

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