Retro-Futuristic Collages Of Frank Moth Venture Between Dreams And Reality – Design You Trust

Retro-Futuristic Collages Of Frank Moth Venture Between Dreams And Reality

A pseudonym for the artistic duo behind the singular name, Frank Moth creates digital collages that are simultaneously old school and futuristic, cobbled together from old manipulated paper ads or fashion magazines.

The human body is a constant factor in these surreal compositions, though they are always shown as incomplete and patched together with random imagery. Often set against a strange planet or expansive backgrounds of natural landscape, he disorients viewers by skewing with perspectives and proportions. Exploring themes of solitude, depersonalization and introspection, the surreal collages walk us through the strangeness of alternate realities and retro-futuristic landscapes.

More: Frank Moth, Instagram h/t: plainmagazine

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