Artists Give New Life to Children’s Monster Drawings to Encourage a Creative Path


The Monster Project aims to help young kids realize the power of imagination. Without rules or restrictions, elementary school students are asked to draw a monster. As they allow their imaginations to flourish, these children are encouraged to draw anything that comes to mind.


The finished drawings are then sent to artists all across the globe so they can recreate them as 3D illustrations, animations, and paintings. After this transformation, the monsters are returned to the kids so they can see their creativity brought to life without worrying about grades or judgements. Both the students and artists are given the opportunity to form a bond that’s powered by their artistic visions.


“Our goal is to help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential,” Monster Project founder Katie Johnson told My Modern Met.


To help this influential project grow to empower more children, the organization hopes to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter.


Via My Modern Met

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