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The Only Thing More Bonkers Than This Starcraft Cosplay Is How They Made It

When you see an incredible cosplay like the one below (by Tasha), it’s easy just to take it for granted. Yes, it’s a meticulously-detailed, endlessly impressive recreation of Kerrigan from Starcraft — but there’s a ton of other stuff on the internet to ogle, so usually people stare at this kind of thing for a brief moment or two and then move on.

But the cosplay team at SpiralCats had to work for days on end to bring you just a few seconds of eyeball bliss, and hours more for the professional photoshoot. This is nothing short of a Hollywood-caliber production that’s arguably film-ready, and it takes a lot of time and talent to make this sort of thing happen.

More: SpiralCats h/t: dorkly, kotaku

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