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Pandemics Past, Green Futures Merge in Ceramic Gas Mask Pot from Franco-Japanese Project

TENEO, a fashion brand embodying the finest elements of French and Japanese materials and production, has teamed up with master ceramicist Shibukusa Ryūzō, 7th generation of the Shibukusa Ryūzō Ceramics Factory operating since 1841 in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, on a bold new project.

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The first phase of this project, which started with the main theme of “making traditional crafts into art pieces that can be used naturally in our daily lives,” was designed to realize a new form of traditional crafts in the midst of the drastically changing times brought about by COVID-19.

The gas mask, which is often associated with negative images such as anxiety and fear, was adopted as the design base as a symbol of pandemics past. By planting and arranging plants and fresh flowers, which have positive images such as reassurance and healing, as well as symbols of the future, TENEO hopes to convey the message of looking forward without forgetting the hardships and chaos of 2020.

Mr. Shibukusa, inheriting the traditions of the crafts-rich city of Takayama, has fully applied his finely-honed modeling skills to create two kinds of Gas Mask Pot:

One is a fully handmade model, in which he finishes the entire production process by his own hands, and the other is a semi-handmade model, in which he uses multiple molds and then finishes the details by hand. Both versions are available in bonsai pot and flower pot versions.

The main visuals feature bonsai by Yusuke Hamamoto, a young bonsai artist who is attracting worldwide attention for his traditional style.

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