These 50 Town Names In The USA Sound Like A Joke But They’re All Real

Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusettsstreet view

If you ever wished to travel across the United States of America, you probably have a good idea of what places you’d visit. While most would aim for capital cities and urban giants like the Big Apple New York or Los Angeles with Hollywood Boulevard and Santa Monica Beach, there are some lesser known, but interesting places to add into your list.

If you ever had a calling for strange names, then the USA definitely has a handful to offer. In fact, it seems like each of the 50 states has at least one queer location to offer. From Indiana’s Santa Claus to Maryland’s Accident, this list showcases some of the strangest names that places could have, all in America! So scroll down and check them out yourself, and don’t forget to comment and vote on your favorites!

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Ding Dong, Texasstreet view

Mosquitoville, Vermontstreet view

Whynot, North Carolinastreet view

Accident, Marylandstreet view

Handsome Eddy, New Yorkstreet view

Chicken, Alaskastreet view

Toad Suck, Arkansasstreet view

Frankenstein, Missouristreet view

Volcano, Hawaiistreet view

Okay, Oklahomastreet view

Bald Head, Mainestreet view

Pie Town, New Mexicostreet view

Boring, Oregonstreet view

Santa Claus, Indianastreet view

Worms, Nebraskastreet view

Plenty Bears, South Dakotastreet view

Pig, Kentuckystreet view

Waterproof, Louisianastreet view

Coward, South Carolinastreet view

Scratch Ankle, Alabamastreet view

Beer Bottle Crossing, Idahostreet view

Fries, Virginiastreet view

Chili, Wisconsinstreet view

What Cheer, Iowastreet view

Possumneck, Mississippistreet view

Dull, Ohiostreet view

Mormon Bar, Californiastreet view

Free Soil, Michiganstreet view

Jackpot, Nevadastreet view

Coupon, Pennsylvaniastreet view

Odd, West Virginiastreet view

Chicken Bristle, Illinoisstreet view

Little Canada, Minnesotastreet view

Big Bottom, Washingtonstreet view

Flippen, Georgiastreet view

Parachute, Coloradostreet view

Moosup, Connecticutstreet view

Dummer, New Hampshirestreet view

Zap, North Dakotastreet view

Smartt, Tennesseestreet view

Catfish Paradise, Arizonastreet view

Spuds, Floridastreet view

Big Sag, Montanastreet view

Chugwater, Wyomingstreet view

Flea Hill, Delawarestreet view

Skiddy, Kansasstreet view

Foul Rift, New Jerseystreet view

Woonsocket, Rhode Islandstreet view

Nibley, Utahstreet view

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