Rude Trip: Two Brothers Go On a Naughty Place Name Tour Across UK

Andy and Magnus Tait embarked on an epic “Rude Trip” of Britain, and over four days visited places across the country with rude and naughty names. Their 2,000-mile journey took them on a loop from Edinburgh down the west coast, along the south coast and back up the east coast of England. Here are the lads at all the funniest named places that they visited.

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Their remarkable blue tour of Britain saw them trek through at least 25 counties on each of the north, east, south and west coasts. The trip took six years for 34-year-old Andy, from Aberdeen, to meticulously map out.

Andy said: “I’ve had the idea for six years now. I insisted we stopped at South Gash to take a photo but Magnus didn’t fancy it. That led to an obsession for places with funny names and six years later Magnus decided to make it up to me. He saw the funny side of it eventually.”

Andy’s route is so well mapped out that it only took the pair between 60 and 90 minutes to drive between each stop.

The places the brothers visited:

From north to south starting in Bellenden Gardens, Cumwhinton, Cocklakes Cotehill, Cockermouth, Clithero, Fanny Street, Slack Bottom Road, Upperthong, Penistone, Butthole Lane, Willey, Titty Ho, Bell End, The Knob, Lower Swell, Old Sodbury, Butcombe, Shaftesbury, Shitterton, Sandyballs, Pound Bottom landfill, Cocking, Lickfold, S. Harting, Wilsford Cum Lake, Fingringhoe, Slutshole Lane, Feltwell, Fanny Hands Lane, Scunthorpe, Rimswell, Wetwang, Coxhoe and back to Bellenden Gardens.

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