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Weird, Provocative And Unusual Anatomical Jewelry By Polina Verbytska

According to Polina Verbytska: “I spend long hours creating my art – fantastic figures, “frozen” in clear spheres. I use polymer clay to sculpt and resin to cover it. Although most of my sculptures are large, I feel that there is something special about miniatures. This technique allows me to bring images from my deep subconscious to life.

At some point, an idea came to me, so now I make my miniature sculptures as jewelry, and I also have a shop where I sell it. I know that people may think that it is too weird to wear something like this, but for me, it is to have your own little piece of art, which is always with you. And also I don’t see my works as something “creepy”, it just a miracle of life in all its forms.”

More: Etsy h/t: boredpanda

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