Comics About An Ice Cube Which Artist Created At The Lowest Point Of His Creative Career

According to Peng Ven Wong: “Like all artists, I aspire to create something that the world will fall in love with. Ironically, the inspiration for CubeMelt came at the lowest point of my creative career.

I was lost on where my work was taking me and did not know what I should be focusing on to establish my career at the age of 36. It was during one of the regular moments of self-doubt that I get, like the feeling of life melting away like those ice cubes in my cup of soda. I asked what would an ice cube do given its short lifespan? That was the moment when CubeMelt was born.

I decided that CubeMelt should be a living ice cube with a wholehearted, ‘can-do’ attitude in all he does despite me feeling down. I wanted to bring some positivity to the world in a light-hearted way which brings me joy while working on the comics. It is also my way of making sense of life and events around me. The philosophy of Cubemelt is “life is short”. It begets the question of how we are spending each day of our lives.

He’s excited to get out of his ice tray every day. Problem is, he starts melting the moment he’s out of the freezer, so lengthy tasks are the literal bane of his existence. The spot of water he’s reduced to invokes laughter, pity, wonder and unexpected blessings to those around him.

I draw content ideas from pop culture, current affairs and most importantly my wife and my baby girl. I wish to teach my girl the value of time through CubeMelt and I am exploring creating children’s books.

At the end of the day, besides laughter, I wish to bring some perspective of life through the (mis)adventures of an adorable ice cube with a burning zest for life! We are all melting, some faster than others, but it’s not the duration but the value we bring that matters.”

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