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Artist Turns Himself Into A Living Digital Illustration By Using A Body Painting

According to artist Gigi Rodgers: “What you are looking at is not a painting or digital illustration! My name is Gigi Rodgers and I spent 2 hours painting on myself with acrylic and specialized body paints, directly, to produce the illusion of being a part of whatever background I stood in front of.”

“In this fashion, I am not just enjoying the current art installations within my city, but interacting with it. In this series “Worlds” I collaborated with seasoned photographer Paul Chin, Jr.”

“The hardest part of this photo shoot was getting into the painted t-shirt. It was like putting on knights armor – there was no pull or give to it so it took one other person to heave me into it. It took about a good 2-3 minutes, which almost gave me a case of claustrophobia.”

“Was it worth it? Absolutely. Will I do this again? Absolutely.” – told Gigi Rodgers to Bored Panda.


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