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NU(IS)ANCES Series by Palette Industries

Palette Industries debut their new Nuance / Nuisances product series. The group unveils the two new products from their studio collection, The Rudebaker Vase and the Nanton Coat Rack; they will be debuting the pieces at the 2012 Toronto Interior Design Show.

“Nanton Coat rack” (Chromed hand welded steel with hardwood maple knobs).

Regarded as an eyesore by some, transmission towers have now become a staple of cascading highway horizons. These steel modern day obelisks scattered amongst our natural landscape have become symbols of transmission and connection. From city to city these queues of tapered giants tower above us with outstretched arms, carrying the lifeblood of our modern cityscapes. The steel lattice design is the contrast of strength and visual airiness.

With each strut carefully laced to collectively bear the force of its own weight it becomes a marvel of robustness without the oppression of mass. A homage to the transmission tower, this coat rack is sculptural and a striking design element to add to any hallway or entryway.

“Rudebaker Vase” (Hand Slip casted Kiln Fired Stoneware).

A staple in any urban environment, these pesty conical forms are ubiquitous in road construction and detours in our daily commutes. Pylons can be used to mark deterrents, territory, boundaries and separation. An internationally known symbol of authority, its ability to bring awareness or mark barriers without any means of force or demand all whilst transcending age, language and social structure is nothing short of remarkable.

By taking such an icon and reinterpreting it as a design accessory, we can breathe life into the awareness of the simple nuances and beauty of its form. By re-creating the Pylon to raise a new context as a sleek tapered vessel with a new purpose to contain cut flowers or simply act as a conversation piece, we can take an object of public space and welcome it into our own.

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