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20 Strange & Unusual Pics From The Early 20th Century That You May No Longer See Today

Pig rider, circa 1920

Postman with a mailed baby, man riding on a pig, or zebra power on streets…, these strange and unusual pics from the early 20th century that you may no longer see today.

h/t: vintag.es

Zebra power, circa 1905

Bicyclist, circa 1900

Drag king & queen, circa 1900

Fallen over, circa 1900s

Tree house, circa 1900s

Sneak peek, circa 1908

Chicken cart, circa 1910s

Face to face, circa 1910s

Let down your hair, circa 1910

Man Wanted – Not Married, circa 1910

Ostrich farm, circa 1910s

Paris Flood, 1910

Trio, circa 1910s

Bear and girl, circa 1912

A letter carrier with a mailed baby, circa 1916

Leap frog, circa 1917

Chicken, circa 1918

Half & half, circa 1922

In the water, circa 1920s

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