This Fascinating Photo Project Reveals How Our Concerns And Fears Make Us Completely Different People


Body language is a very powerful tool that we have at our disposal. If you can read the signs, it may help you to communicate more effectively. However, body language can also expose your biggest fears and weaknesses. Our demons can easily turn us into real monsters. Everything we’re scared of and everything we’re ashamed of sometimes makes us feel very insecure about ourselves.

h/t: brightside


The editors of Bright Side explains: “We decided to conduct our own experiment, and invited young individuals who have never met before and never participated in a professional photo shoot. Before starting, we asked them to recall the worst situation they’ve been through or the most embarrassing moment of their life. A couple of hours later we photographed the same guys again, but this time their ‘job’ was to show us the power of their self-confidence.”


The results left everybody speechless: all the photos were taken in the same circumstances, but look at the difference between them — the contrast is pretty obvious. So just remember that it’s all about self-esteem and confidence; believe in yourself and you’ll look — and more importantly, feel — just great!


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