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Japanese Artist Makes Rice Balls Of Popular Characters, Animals, Folklore That Are Too Good To Eat

Art, no matter how well-preserved, is still temporary. But that’s ok, and some artists even embrace this. This artist from Japan creates art out of rice balls, also known as onigiri in Japanese. Though they have an immense aesthetic value, food never should be wasted, so it’s logical that they’re supposed to get eaten. However, these creations are too good to just be devoured, and many would hesitate to eat them.

More: Instagram, Twitter h/t: boredpanda

The so-called Onigiri Gekijo started on YouTube by making videos of the whole process, but with time, he expanded on other socials, and can be found on Twitter and Instagram, for which you’ll find the links below.

“About two years ago, I learned that there was a rice ball contest, and when I applied for it, I woke up to rice ball art. When I posted the rice balls I made on SNS, I received a lot of happy messages such as wanting to see more and looking forward to the next one, so I am motivated to continue making various rice balls by trial and error,” artist told Bored Panda.

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