Upgrade Plain Cosplay Wear With Collars, Cuffs, Headbands & Wigs Proposed By Sakura Nanase

If you enjoy cosplaying and cosplay photo shoots, have you ever had the feeling that something was missing from your look? Have you ever thought: “If only I could add something extra to make it all come together?” If you have, then you may be interested in a cosplay accessory collection called #コスプレをする時によく見るアレ kosupure wo suru toki ni yoku miru are, which translates to “Those things you often see in cosplay.”

More: CAMPFIRE Creation (jp) h/t: grapee

The “things” in question refer to attachable collars, cuffs, headbands, and fashionable colored wigs which are often seen in quality photos of certain types of cosplay. As these accessories are often hand-made by individual artists and cosplayers and aren’t always available commercially, popular cosplayer Sakura Nanase proposed the idea for the project, and now, thanks to CAMPFIRE Creation, it’s currently headed towards a most probable crowdfunding success, having already attained 72% of its funding goal and 21 days still remaining at time of writing.

The kosupure wo suru toki ni yoku miru are collection is chock full of accessories which can help you transform plain cosplay outfits into more attractive and kawaii costumes. If you bought an outfit but the accessories which came with it look disappointingly cheap, or if you’ve ever had trouble finding cute attachable cuffs and collars for your costume, this could be the perfect addition to your wardrobe, cosplay or otherwise.



Additional rewards
For those who choose the appropriate reward category, the kosupure wo suru toki ni yoku miru are collection also comes with either a special horned headband designed by Kyon, or a colored wig designed by shotac.

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