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This Modern Japanese Fishing Boat Designed With Graphic Motifs

Have you ever seen a fishing boat with so much style? Nendo design studio has transformed the Japanese fishing boat Shofukumaru into a true work of art.

h/t: fubiz

The crew of such a ship usually stays at sea for about ten months, a heavy ordeal both physically and mentally. Most of the young crew members do not come back on a second mission. It was therefore asked to create a ship that would attract young members and reduce their stress.

The ship was covered by a linear pattern that emphasizes the curve of the hull. The rest was decorated with Japanese patterns from the hull to the interior of the ship.

The design has a lot of straight lines, a shape that could remind of life ashore (straight lines of buildings, windows, screens…) which could then comfort the crew. A beautiful story proving that art is an element that can improve the confort at work.

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