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Artist Julia Popova Is Creating a Buzz with Her Extraordinarily Detailed Soap Creations


One glance, and you might mistake them for a slice of cake, a refreshing fruit, or even a bottle of your favorite liquor!

It all began nine years ago. Initially crafting these soapy delights as gifts, Julia’s work drew so much admiration that she took to social media. Before she knew it, her hobby transformed into the thriving brand: OmNon Soap. While she once reshaped existing soaps, Julia’s craft has evolved. Now, she concocts her soap mixtures from scratch, turning them into undeniable pieces of art.

Visitors at exhibitions are often left in awe, and sometimes, a little hungry! With soaps that look as delectable as Julia’s, it’s no wonder some have been tempted to take a bite. And the magic doesn’t stop at appearances; her soaps exude tempting fragrances too. Forget traditional lavender or jasmine – think vanilla, strawberry, and even lemon for her fish-shaped delights.

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