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Artist Creates Extremely Realistic Digital Illustrations And Shows The Initial Sketch And The End Result

In practice, the advent of photography exchanged the need for drawings and paintings, as cameras can do the better job much quicker.

However, the artistic part still remains alive, and many people appreciate the amount of skill and time it takes to actually make a photorealistic drawing. And to some extent, artists like Choi, who goes by the name of daol_pater on Instagram, still manage to compete with the cameras and even outdo them in terms of how realistic the image feels, as sometimes the digital drawings might even exceed the quality of a photo and border on the lifelike.

Even though he can’t technically be called a traditional artist because he makes them on a computer, he still can be considered a true artist nonetheless. But let’s not let words get in the way of things that are best shown, not described. Check out the fantastic sketches by the fantastically skilled artist.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

What’s very interesting and unique about this artist is that he’s willing to show “how the sausage is made,” and shares the whole process, from reference lines and sketching to coloring, on his Instagram. It’s as if to say: “I might reveal my secrets, but you won’t be able to replicate them.” I don’t know much about the author, but I’d assume that they don’t sound as arrogant as I just portrayed.

The real reason why the artist might be so open about how he makes his digital drawings is probably educational, as it shows the ins and outs of how professional artist sees and works through the process. And there’s much to learn from his drawings; if you observe them carefully, the educational value is almost as equal as taking a master class in shading, highlighting, textures, and linework. Thanks to artists like Choi, people can learn this extremely difficult craft.

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