Post COVID-19 Signage For The Design-Conscious Workplace

The global pandemic has upended our work life by altering how and where we do our jobs. Seeing a gap in the COVID-19 signage market, Ellie Pinney has created a series of thoughtful and considered signs for the design-conscious workplace – complete with tracked-out letters that reflect our new ‘socially distanced’ world.

While the thought of returning to business as usual seems unimaginable right now, we’re hopeful for a return to some semblance of normalcy eventually and we’re loving Ellie’s take on keeping staff and visitors safe with an added touch of (much-needed) lightness. These signage tips are great for employers returning to existing spaces that are looking for inexpensive yet beautifully designed solutions to ensure employees feel safe in the post-COVID office space.

More: Ellie Pinney, Instagram h/t: abduzeedo

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