This Chameleon Cake Can Change Colour Due To One Amazing Bakery Technique


There’s nothing half-baked about the skills of the person who created this astonishing kitchen wonder. The optical illusion cake is the work of a Youtube baker called Charlotte Sometime and features a colour scheme which looks like the plastic twirling decorations sold at hippy street markets.


“This is not fake,” proclaimed one Youtube commentor. “It is done by airbrushing the cake from opposite directions using different colors. I used to make these everyday when I was a cake decorator.”


Another commenter issued her own instructions for baking a chameleon cake.

“Make the edging design you want, then take one side of the cake and spray from a straight angle on the cake, so that the colour ends up on one side of the ridges alone. Spray the colours you want, then spin the cake around and do the same on the opposite side,” she said.

h/t: mirror


You’re not dreaming – the cake in the video above really does change colour.

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