A Wind From The Future World: Amazing Post-Apocalyptic And Futuristic Outfits By Demobaza

So-called deconstruction fashion is something you’d really recognize when you see it. A weird union of strong futuristic spirit with a sensible gothic decay aura, unusual shapes and materials, a combination of things and ideas which just can’t logically be combined, yet obviously feel just natural together.

Looking at the classic examples of deconstruction fashion you’d most likely imagine a lonely nomad strolling along a dusty wasteland that used to be a huge industrial city a hundred years ago. Silent, odd, hopeless but still edgy and dangerous. Another thought that might visit your mind while watching a deconstruction collection is a feeling that you’re looking at something unfinished or even something someone would disassemble and then assemble again… in a wrong way. Despite this you cannot deny this abnormal, deformed “Frankenstein” looks more beautiful than the initial creature it was built from. And who knew one of the most meritorious brands working in this course would be born in the Eastern Europe?!

Demobaza was founded in 2008 as a co-operative project by Bulgarian designers Demo and Toro. Sometimes it only takes to meet a right person to get something very special started and that was exactly the case – both guys were very into creation of original futuristic deconstruction clothes and wanted to get a proper recognition. Still their breakthrough moment happened around 2011-2012 when Demobaza really found its style and the main direction to go.

The authors themselves describe it in the following manner: “We always love to make clothes by our hands, not ordinary construction, with no shape and patterns. Our base is the uniform, built from trashy and bad looking-made elements, the concrete, the forest and the socialistic spirit.”

Starting from their “SS12” collection the brand has found its main direction and went international. It was not about just releasing clothing any more. The new Demobaza strategy was way more conceptual and every following brand’s collection had a certain idea, a certain story behind. And to be honest it suits Demobaza damn well, because when you see their products for the very first time you just feel there must be some arcane story about it… and then you observe the brand’s conceptual photography and your imagination gets going far, far beyond, to some unseen, post-apocalyptic but somehow pretty sexy worlds and dimensions.

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