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Oh Good, Tide’s New Packaging Looks Exactly Like Boxed Wine

Tide has reimagined its classic liquid detergent with a new Eco-Box package containing an ultra-concentrated formula designed for eCommerce.

The Tide Eco-Box arrives on a shopper’s doorstep in a sealed, shipping-safe cardboard box. Inside the box is a sealed bag of ultra-compacted Tide liquid laundry detergent. To use, a perforated cardboard flap is peeled off to reveal a dosing cup and a new “no-drip” twist tap. To make dosing simpler on flat surfaces, the box includes a pull-out stand to raise the height of the box so the cup fits easily beneath the tap.

According to CNN, the new design is eco-friendly, since it apparently uses 60 percent less plastic than a traditional container and the box makes it easier and cheaper to ship. But it also, you know, makes laundry detergent look like something you might pour into a big glass to help you wash down a few Tide Pods.

More: Tide h/t: vice

… and the internet reacts:

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