“Hong Kong On Fire”: Local Photographer Captured Stunning Images Of The Days In Fight For Civil Rights

The 2019 Hong Kong protests are an ongoing series of demonstrations in Hong Kong and solidarity protests in other cities abroad which began with the aim of withdrawing an extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong government. If enacted, the bill would allow local authorities to detain and extradite people who are wanted in territories that Hong Kong does not have extradition agreements with, including mainland China and Taiwan. Concerns were raised that the bill would place Hong Kong citizens and visitors under mainland Chinese jurisdiction, undermining the autonomy of the region and people’s rights and freedom.

Demonstrations against the bill began in March and April and turned into a consecutive mass movements in June. On 4 September, Carrie Lam, a Chief Executive of Hong Kong, announced that she would formally withdraw the extradition bill and that she would introduce additional measures to help calm the situation. However, her concession was also criticized as “too little, too late”. Protests continued after the withdrawal of the bill.

A Hong Kong photographer Deacon Lui spent these days among protesters to document the epic battle of people for their civil rights. Some of his photos became viral on the Internet.

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