The Superb Mythological and Alternate History Paintings of Vsevolod Ivanov

he artist Vsevolod Ivanov presents us the Ancient Rus’ as he imagined it. He is deeply convinced that the history of ancient Russia is distorted or fabricated. Ivanov collects old tales and legends and creates his own vision of ancestors daily life.

His speculative artwork consists of the series of paintings named “Vedic Rus’” where he exhibits the true reality of Russia’s past. According to Vsevolod Ivanov, alien ships, domesticated mammoths, dragons, Atlantis inspired architecture and mythical characters were part of the ancient Russian civilization.

There is an old legend about a huge monster living in the Brosno Lake, Tver Region. The locals managed to catch it. According to them, it was a huge reptile similar to a plesiosaurus, or pliosaurs.

As in the Chinese dao philosophy, ancient Russians believed in the duality as well, Ivanov says.

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