Fake Science 101: A Less-Than-Factual Guide To Our Amazing World

Fake Science 101 is the definitive, less-than-factual reference book for our modern times. Though the scientific community may sneer at its lack of data, experimentation, or actual information, it remains a handy tool to understand the phenomena we encounter every day.

A well-informed reader will finish their study session with a crisp delusion of knowledge and head full of plausible sounding facts. Organised like a traditional textbook, Fake Science 101 covers everything the average person should pretend to know.

Delightful visual aids help readers understand the scientific concepts invented in the text. In addition to this subject related material, sidebars help readers embrace the lifestyle of a scientist. From a guide to finding the right lab-coat to a sample experiment that may or may not cause serious radioactive damage, Fake Science 101 includes everything the aspiring [fake] scientist needs.

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