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An Astronaut Captured Breathtaking Photos of the Southern Lights Under a Full Moon

Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut for the ESA, is currently aboard the International Space Station. He recently shared some breathtaking images of Aurora Astralis (Southern Lights).

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“Another round of auroras🧚🌏 (surely you’re not tired of them yet… are you?) I don’t know why we saw so many in the span of a few days, when I barely saw one during my entire first mission, but these last ones came with something extra. As the Moon was high and bright, it lit up the clouds from above, which created a distinct atmosphere… and almost turned the aurora blue. What’s next, Mother Nature? A yellow one? A giant rainbow?🌈 And no, photo techies, the camera balance was set the same as for previous aurora pictures 🤷‍♂️ An aurora under the full moon, what could be better?” he writes.

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