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These Are The Yoga Photos No One Wants To Put On Instagram


There are two kinds of people who do yoga. The first group is the attractive, yoga junkies who have stylish yoga outfits and somehow look elegant while bending their body into a pretzel. These are the people you probably see on Instagram or on posters for yoga classes.


And then there’s the second group. This is everyone else. This group is made up of the normal human beings who do yoga. You can spot this group by their characteristically red faces, sweaty bodies, and overall air of distress as they attempt to bend their bodies into unusual positions. These are the people who don’t end up in the inspiring Instagram photos or yoga posters.


“In the era of instagram profiles devoted to sexy yoga poses on beaches, it’s important to remember that we all look bad when we do yoga, so we should immerse ourselves in it and forget the rest.”


But now there’s an entire coffee table book dedicated to faces of average people struggling with yoga and it’s awesome. These are the real faces of yoga. They’re sweaty and red and gross, meaning you don’t need to feel self-conscious anymore.


Practicing yoga isn’t about looking good so forget those sexy, picturesque yoga masters you always see on Instagram. That was never the point.


Faces of Yoga is a series of uncomfortable photos of people in strange positions. The photo book will be ready for the holiday season!


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