30 Honest Apps By Viktor Hertz Perfectly Fit In Quarantine Days

When the world stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some artists did the opposite. They started to create to reflect more on the world’s current situation and record the impact of the sudden changes on our lives. One of those artists is Viktor Hertz from Uppsala, Sweden.

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The artist decided to give a new humorous look to things that we see and use every day—apps. Hertz (previously) created a new series called “Honest Apps 2020” where he redesigned the icons of many famous applications to fit the year 2020 better. In this series, the Notes app that helps us take notes on literally anything becomes “Drunk Poetry”; Instagram, which is a place for those pitch-perfect photos, is called “Isolation”; and Mindfulness, which is supposed to help us stay calm during a crisis becomes “Winefulness.”

“I was at home, in quarantine, playing around with one of my previous projects, ‘Honest Logos,’ and just got the idea to re-design apps to fit with the current situation in the world. It started with the ‘Isolation’ app for Instagram, and then Pandora’s box was opened and I just couldn’t stop,” the artist tells Bored Panda about how the idea was born. “When I come up with a concept like this, I get obsessed and can’t focus on anything else—I just have to finish it and see how far I can take it. I spent about a week on them, but I might make more—I guess this year has only just begun, so there will probably be many more opportunities to channel all the horrors and bad things in a creative way. I guess this is how I cope with reality and get some distance to it all.”

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