Son Studying Abroad Sends Mom Cutout Of Himself, Regrets His Decision Immediately – Design You Trust

Son Studying Abroad Sends Mom Cutout Of Himself, Regrets His Decision Immediately


When Dalton Ross went to study aboard at Belmont University in London, he knew his family would miss him, so he decided to do something unique. He sent his mum, Susan Talley, a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself!

h/t: boredpanda, aplus


“I just thought sending a life-size cutout of me unannounced to my mom would give my family a laugh,” Ross told Aplus. “I thought maybe they’d put it in the living room corner until I got back to remember I exist.”


But his mom had other plans. She decided to take the cutout along to family gatherings, such as sporting events and even Easter! Then she sent pictures that Ross, going by the name ienjoybread, posted on Imgur.


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