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Someone Creates An Impossibly Difficult Transparent Jigsaw Puzzle, And It’s Evil

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to pass time while you’re stuck in quarantine. However, someone came up with a way to make this fun and relaxing activity into a nightmare. We present to you – transparent jigsaw puzzles.

More: Etsy h/t: demilked

That’s right, now you’ll also have to worry about accidentally misplacing a piece because all of them are completely see-through. It’s wonderfully evil – the only thing that could make it worse is if it had no edges.

You can get one for yourself (or your worse enemy) on Etsy from a seller named LittleFlowerPotShop.

The puzzles come in four different sizes ranging from the easiest 3×3, consisting of only nine pieces, to the most difficult 12×12 one, containing a whopping 144 pieces.

While the 3×3 one will only take you a few minutes to solve, the seller says that the 12×12 one can take you days to complete. The prices of the puzzles start at $16.99

The puzzles are currently sold out but you can pre-order one and have it shipped in around 4 weeks.

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