Ukrainian Artist Creates Realistic Flowers Out Of Cold Porcelain

When you look at these beautiful flower bouquets, it’s hard to believe that these flowers are not real, but made of porcelain. Ukrainian artist Olesya Galushcenko, who lives in Odessa, creates porcelain flowers by hand, carefully sculpting and molding to make them look as realistic as possible.

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Surprisingly, Olesya Galushcenko is a hydraulics engineer by her specialty. Seven years ago, during maternity leave, she started creating porcelain flowers as a personal challenge. Olesya Galushcenko was self-taught so she spent hours learning the craft herself using free internet tutorials. However, they only taught her how to get started; the rest she had to figure out herself.

At first, Galushcenko worked with polymer clay, but soon, she realized that it wasn’t the right material for her as she wanted her works to look more realistic. So she decided to experiment with cold porcelain, which finally met her needs. Now, to achieve almost perfect flower replicas, she makes molds of every little part of the flowers, from the petals to the stamens and pistils, out of toothpaste. Then she creates the frame of the bouquet from wire covered in tape. Finally, everything is carefully coated in porcelain and assembled in beautiful arrangements.

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