15,000 Origami Birds Were Folded To Make This Large Mural In Paris


“Lunar Cycles” is a 49 foot (15m) high and 459 foot (140m) long mural covering the side of a building in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The installation is composed of both tangible origami birds, as well as painted ones to create depth and an element of permanence despite its temporary nature. Installed over 3 weeks, the first step was to paint the entire building black so that the colorful origami birds would really pop.

h/t: contemporist


500 liters of paint were used to complete the installation and 15,000 paper birds were folded to create the intricate designs. Done by French urban artist Mademoiselle Maurice (previously) in collaboration with the Mathgoth Galerie, this massive mural is in keeping with the rest of Maurice’s art that was on display in the French gallery earlier this year.


Origami and Maurigami (Origami painted) With @galerie_mathgoth

A photo posted by @mademoisellemaurice on

And the blue circle takes life…. More coming sooon! with @galerie_mathgoth

A photo posted by @mademoisellemaurice on

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