Cards Against Corona: A Pandemic-Themed Card Deck Designed By 55 International Creatives

According to Daniel Bech: “We are two Danish designers, Casper Nielsen and Daniel Bech. Together we form the design duo, Oimachi. As we were struggling to find new clients under the current circumstances, we wanted to find our own creative way to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and react to the difficulties the creative industry is going through during this time.”

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“We invited 55 designers from all across the globe to visualize the pandemic in their own creative way. Think toilet paper hoarding, video-hangouts, sanitizer-madness, social distancing, quarantining, Wuhan-bats etc.”

“We are now excited to introduce Cards Against Corona to the world – a pandemic-themed card deck, designed by 55 creatives to form a diverse and visually amazing set of playing cards. The artworks are made by illustrators, designers and artists from more than 30 countries and features both young, new talents and internationally recognized visual magicians. All profits are donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.”

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