2020 Fashion Novelties: Crocs Gloves And Ramen Handbag

So far 2020 has been a really crazy year. What better time for fashion designers to come up with outlandish ideas? Featured here is a Ramen handbag made by Rommy De Dommy and Crocs gloves made by Matt Benedetto.

More: Rommy De Dommy, Matt Benedetto h/t: sadanduseless

Now your hands will be able to look equally as stylish as your feet! These gloves are bright blue, are made from a thick foam material, and even come with a safety strap.

If sophisticated handbags aren’t quite your thing, perhaps going to the opposite side would be a right choice? This fashionable piece of junkfood is made from hard foam and is super lightweight. As far as we know, Crocs gloves currently are not for sale, but Ramen handbag is available on Etsy, but it’s not cheap and will set you back $400 + shipping.

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