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Faces: Fantastic Macro Worlds Of Mofeed Abu Shalwa

According to Mofeed Abu Shalwa: “A group of faces of some flying insects , part of my second project, Hovercraft flies, dragonflies, bees and wasps I photographed with focus stacking technology.”

More: Instagram h/t: dodho

“It took me a few months to create and photograph this project until it was completed in the following year, to study the presence and search for these creatures,” a photographer told Dodho.

“This project contains hundreds of images integrated into the program Zerene Stacker. After creating a study on some types of flying insects in our environment, I included a list of them to search for them in some of the forests that I traveled to recently, including forests amazon forests, Austrian forests and forests in Malaysia, just to look for these species and compare it with other types of different environments , Some of these species differ according to the environmental composition. Where it was found to me that some types differ in terms of facial divisions according to the diversity of the environment in which they live.”

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