“pervARTed”: This Artist Creates Naughty But ‘Safe For Work’ Photo Manipulations – Design You Trust

“pervARTed”: This Artist Creates Naughty But ‘Safe For Work’ Photo Manipulations

Johnny Smith attended Film school at the University of Texas and has since moved to LA. A script writer, actor, and producer, Smith turned to digital Collage out of frustration for a creative outlet which was more immediate.

“I majored in film and television in college, with a minor in theater, so the idea of storytelling and performing, in a any capacity, was always a desire of mine. I moved to Los Angeles in 2004 but spent most of my 20s dicking around and not pushing myself to do anything beyond drinking and hanging out. That got boring quickly, so in my free time, I started taking photo booth photos at the Rite Aid down the street.

I made different facial expressions as the photo booth snapped photos of me. I would then go home, cut out my faces and paste them on different illustrations I drew, such as a Mama bird feeding her baby birds, a pigeon pooping in front of another disgusted pigeon and so forth. That is where my collage making started before I made the transition to digital. For me, this was a hobby that was an escape from the monotony that had been my life. It also made my friends laugh, so that inspired me further. Sometimes they would join me and we would take photo booth photos together. I then would cut and paste our faces on different animals in different scenarios and gift them the final product. It was a lot of fun!” he told Beyond Photography.

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“In America, sex is taboo and is “dangerous” and I don’t think it has to be. Sex is fun, it’s physically healthy and it feels amazing. Plus, it is how all of us are here today. Sex is the best!

With my art, I was being provocative and it started out as a test to see what I could post and get away with on Instagram. It then ended up becoming a recurring theme. I like sex, I like when people have sex, I love people being comfortable with their bodies and I love celebrating that in my art. And I think about sex all the time because I can’t wait until the next time I get to have it! I am a guy who is very driven by the promise of sex,” he added.

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