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“In A Parallel Universe”: Artist Exposes Sexism By Switching Up Gender Roles In Old-School Ads

“In A Parallel Universe” is a series of fictional images, recreated from real ads in the mad men era, that question modern day sexism: showing it through a humorous light to spark a conversation through role play.

In the 1950s, the image of the perfect household consisted a hardworking wife slaving away to keep her home spick-and-span and her husband delighted. In the iconic ads of the time, everything is bright, clean, shiny… and filled to the brim with outrageous sexism, subservience and even conjugal violence.

With mass communication reaching new heights, that’s exactly how the ideal woman was sold to millions of people across the world. While these explicitly misogynistic representations are no longer allowed, we are still battling the sexist attitudes that they encouraged. Which is why one artist has decided to switch things up.

Taking inspiration from real-life campaigns from decades past, Eli Rezkallah has created a new series of fictional ads reversing the classic gender roles.

More info: Eli Rezkallah, Facebook, Instagram (h/t: konbini)

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