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Clever Ads Feature Classic Artists Photographing Their Self Portrait

Albrecht Dürer – Poster for the camera SAMSUNG “NX mini” with a 3-inch flip-up screen.

Advertising agency Leo Burnett Switzerland created a tongue-in-cheek campaign that’ll appeal to both selfie and fine art lovers. Three posters feature the iconic artists Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Albrecht Dürer snapping their picture using the Samsung NX Mini camera – the tagline for the campaign is For Self-Portraits. Not Selfies. In each image, the subject holds the NX Mini as the viewfinder reveals a mirrored portrait.

Frida Kahlo – Creative SAMSUNG campaign by Leo Burnett Switzerland.

The Samsung camera boasts interchangeable lenses and a fold up screen. This allows for high-quality portraits rather than just simple selfies. According to the campaign, if you didn’t see these artists photographing themselves, you wouldn’t even realize that they took the picture.

Van Gogh – SAMSUNG “NX mini” campaign: For self-portraits. Not selfies.

Leo Burnett’s beautiful images are the work of photographer Fredrik Ödman. He crafted dreamy and vibrant scenes that include details specific to the artists. Van Gogh’s sunflowers sit in a vase as Dürer’s prints rest on the window sill. And, of course, Kahlo’s leafy plants make an appearance, too.

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