Spot the Not: Body-Painting Artist Blends Nude Models in Various Landscapes

German body-painting artist Jörg Düsterwald is a master of camouflage, taking nude female models and using body paint to conceal them in various environments.

Looking at one of Jörg Düsterwald’s signature camouflage pieces is like trying to solve a Where’s Wally’s puzzle, with some of the models blending so well into the background that you actually have to struggle to spot them. Düsterwald has been producing body art projects for the last 25 years, showcasing his body-painting skills in creative projects, including advertising and TV marketing campaigns, but it was his camouflage series that really made him internationally famous.

More: Jörg Düsterwald, Facebook h/t: odditycentral

Jörg Düsterwald has painted models into a number of backdrops, including fields of flowers and grains, car garages or forests. The photo shoots themselves take several hours to complete, but the German artist spends several days planning the project before arriving on location with the model.

After painting the nude model, Jörg then places her against an item like a tree log or a wall and adds the final details to help her better blend into the background.

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